Murder by the Acre: A Measurements of Murder Mystery by Stephen B. Bagley

Murder by the Acre book cover

Trouble returns to Ryton, Oklahoma, when a murderer is on the loose. Reporter Lisa Trent, her librarian boyfriend Bernard Worthington, and police chief Charles Donaldson return in Murder by the Acre, the second book of the “Measurements of Murder Mystery” series. The follow-up to Murder by Dewey Decimal, Lisa and Bernard stumble on the body of Danny Nelson—a local jeweler who is also a lecherous adulterer—while browsing through a house for sale.

Lisa, Bernard, and Chief Donaldson each utilize their own resources and skills to catch the murderer: Lisa investigates as only a reporter can, Bernard uses his access to library databases, and Chief Donaldson questions a slew of possible suspects including Danny’s widow, the town mayor, the former boyfriend of one of Danny’s mistresses, and several of Danny’s business partners. When Bernard discovers a shady business deal between the victim and the possible suspects, the countdown begins. Not only must Lisa, Bernard, and Chief Donaldson catch the murderer, but they must do so while each deal with stressful personal matters as well.

With a slew of possible suspects in the small fictional town of Ryton, Oklahoma, Lisa, Bernard, and Chief Donaldson battle the clock as the murderer attempts to raise the body count. The bevy of characters, their motives and opportunities will have readers at the edge of their seats wondering “Whodunit.”

Note: This book is read by one of OLBPH’s favorite narrators, Nancy Cheper.

Book No: 

DBC 18952