Oklahoma Telephone Reader

The Oklahoma Telephone Reader (OTR) is an on-demand dial-up information service. OTR takes the place of and is similar to its predecessor the Older Blind Telephone Information Line. One big difference is this new system is owned and operated by the OLBPH. This will allow us, as the service evolves, to provide more available programming both current and stored for easy listener access.

Seven days a week volunteers record articles from “The Oklahoman,” “Tulsa World” and other publications on to the OTR system. These articles become digital files accessible through the telephone to anyone signed up for the service. OTR content includes news and editorials, sports, grocery ads, obituaries and a variety of other information not normally available on radio and/or television news sources.

Listeners can access the recordings using the key pads on their telephones and navigate directly to the publication of their choice. Listeners can also use their phone key pads to speed up or slow down the readings and change the volume. The only equipment required is a touch-tone telephone. Dial-up or pulse-tone phones will not work. We invite all patrons to try the demo by calling 1-855-887-6397 or 405-522-1896. When Telephone Reader answers, enter the numbers 5555, enter 1, for Group 1 publications, then simply follow the instructions to get to an article you’d like to read.

OTR is intended for use by anyone with a disability that prevents them from reading standard printed materials. This is the same criteria for applying for library services and you must be a library patron of the OLBPH in order to register for OTR. If you are not already a patron of the library, no problem, we encourage you to apply. For more information contact Becky or Steve and they will walk through the steps.

Becky Bates(405) 522-0978
Steve Dowdy(405) 522-0518