Selection Guidelines

Purpose: This policy exists in order to guide the library staff in the collection of materials of current significance and lasting permanent value for inclusion in the library collection. The Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped acknowledges a particular interest in Oklahoma history and in the works of Oklahoma authors.

Responsibility: The responsibility of the selection of library materials is vested in the Director and the members of the staff who are qualified by reason of professional education and training.

Principles of Selection: Material selection will be guided by two basic principles:

1. Selection based upon desire: The expressed or otherwise obvious desires of library patrons as evidenced by the circulation of materials will be considered by the selection committee and used for the development of the collection.

2. Selection based upon need: Materials will be selected based upon the scope and depth of the library's core collection. OLBPH does not attempt to collect materials at a comprehensive level for any subject area other than local history.

Selection Criteria: Materials will be selected in accordance with one or more of the following criteria:

1. Popular demand.
2. Contemporary significance or permanent value.
3. Scope and authority of the subject matter.
4. Reputation and/or authority of the author or editor.
5. Literary merit.
6. Relationship to the existing collection and other materials on the subject.
7. Cost and availability.
8. Scarcity of information in the subject matter.
9. Availability of material in the area.
10. Attention of critics, reviewers, and the media.

Selection Aids: Since it is impossible and unreasonable for the selection staff to read and review personally the large numbers of library materials introduced each year, the selection staff must rely upon the assistance of professional selection aids. The following are generally recognized professional guides to the selection of library materials and may be used to facilitate the selection process:

1. Professional library journals such as Booklist, Publisher's Weekly, and Library Journal.
2. Magazines of general and/or local interest such as Time, American Heritage, and Oklahoma Today.